Unearth the Past was founded by Historian and Genealogist Michala Hulme.

Michala is currently studying for a PhD. Her first book titled ‘A Grim Almanac of Manchester’ is due for publication with The History Press in April 2015. She has written for ‘Who Do You Think Are Magazine’ and can be found regularly on BBC Radio Lancashire and BBC Radio Manchester. She is a member of the following organisations ….

  • The Royal Historical Society
  • Association of Professional Genealogists
  • Society of Authors
  • Victorian Society

“My passion for history started when I was a young girl. I actually blame my mum, as she use to to drag me around old churchyards to read the headstones. As I got older I began to wonder about my own family history, but every person I asked, I hit a brick wall. The furthest I got back was WW2, it seemed that before that period my family just “didn’t speak about it’, as ‘you didn’t in those days’. Well being a bit nosey (as most good historians are) I decided to go on a mission and discover where I was from.

The task was a hard one as I had very little information to go off, but I was determined. After years of digging around in record offices and researching on the internet, I managed to trace my family tree back to the 17th century, with some fascinating results! I found we had a famous American actor in the family that went to America with Charlie Chaplin. I had a great Grandfather that was a Victorian train driver and he appeared in The Times newspaper because he was involved in train crash where a person died, this was only a few years after trains came into production and there was no health and safety practices in place.

After completing my own family history, word soon began to spread, and I began to get requests from friends and neighbours. At this point I had plenty of practical research knowledge, but I wanted to know more about the general history of the period, so I went back to college and university. I graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in History, as well as being shortlisted for Best Dissertation in Regional and Local History.

After over a decade of researching family history and historical events, I decided to set up Unearth the Past”


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