Can you carry out history research for the media?

Yes! We have carried out history research for such companies as the BBC, assisting them with the development of new programmes.


I have hit a brick wall with my own family tree can you help?

Yes! Feel free to drop us an email and we will do our best to help you.


Do you carry out record office research?

Yes! We carry out record office research for TV companies, families searching for their ancestors, corporate companies and academics. Research is charged by the hour.


How do I pay for my family tree?

We require a small deposit for all research we undertake, the rest is payable once the research is completed.


How far back can you go to trace my family tree?

Most family trees can be traced back to the 18th century. Parish records do exist that can go back to the 16th century, however this is based on their availability and the condition of these records. After we have conducted our initial enquires we will inform you how far we hope to trace your family back to. If after we have commenced our research and this is not possible, we will re-negotiate our fees deducting any deposit paid.


How long will my family tree take to make?

We hope to have all family trees completed in 8-10 weeks. This is only an approximation. Each family tree will differ depending on what research material is available.

4 thoughts on “FAQ’S

  1. Jo Falcon-Cross says:


    I was hoping to get one of the Grandpa Joe family trees done for my mum’s 65th birthday but her birthday is on 6th May, is this time frame going to be too short do you think?

    Look forward to hearing from you,


    • Unearth the Past says:

      Hi Jo,

      I am sure we can but it would depend on what records are available for your tree. Can you send me your email address and I will forward you a questionnaire to complete and send back to me? Once I have your questionnaire, I will do a quick free search and get back to you. Hope that helps!

      Best Wishes


    • Unearth the Past says:

      Hi Jo,

      I just wanted to make sure that you got my email with the questionnaire attached?
      Best Wishes

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